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Soft4Boost Secure Eraser 6.8

Free Erase files and folders permanently with advanced and secure erase methods
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Trying to remove and delete stubborn files, folders, and even software programs from your PC can be a tedious and frustrating task. Soft4Boost Secure Eraser offers a free and simple way to remove all those hard-to-erase items once and for all in a single batch operation and using state-of-the-art and secure erase methods.

The program’s minimalist interface will give you a clear idea of how simple it is to use. It opens on a clean window where all you have to do is add all the files and folders you wish to eliminate and select the preferred erase method.

You won’t be offered much information about what each method does and how it works, apart from the name and the number of passes it uses to remove the items on the list. Most users won’t need that anyway as long as the method selected works for them — this, however, may turn the erase operation into a repetitive trial-and-error process. Again, I don’t think it does really matter much if it works in the end.

The methods range from a 1-pass simple overwrite (the kind of erase operation that you can perform directly with your Delete key without even opening Secure Eraser) to a 35-pass Gutmann method, with some 2-, 3- and 7-pass algorithms in between. The program will rewrite each of the sectors occupied by the data you wish to render unrecoverable with as many segments as passes selected. Remember that data is actually never “removed” as such but turned into an unrecoverable gibberish on each pass. more

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  • Erases securely entire folders
  • Batch erases multiple items
  • Offers selectable erase methods
  • Removes all kinds of files, including anti-viruses


  • Information about erase methods is scarce


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